Franchise Analysis & Market Studies

This area of franchise law is extremely complex. There are 42 states that have specific laws relating to franchised dealership issues, and each state has only a handful of law firms that specialize in these services. Fontana has worked with many of these law firms who regularly seek our assistance in their automobile cases. We are sought after because of our understanding of the issues and the complexity of presenting compelling economic data and analysis that can withstand the scrutiny of a trial.

Site Analysis

Market Potential/Demographic Analysis

  • While there may always be (manufacturers may always believe there is) room for improvement, what’s the realistic market potential for a dealership?
  • Will a major investment pay for itself with increased business?
  • When considering the purchase of a dealership, how much can you really expect to improve over the existing sales level?

The Fontana Group has extensive experience evaluating market potential, using analyses that consider the demographics of the market, levels of competition, buyer behavior patterns, and other relevant factors.