Litigation Support

Mr. Joseph RoesnerMr. Ted Stockton, and Dr. Ernest Manuel have testified or submitted affidavits in many administrative hearings, state courts, and federal courts throughout the country, based upon studies by The Fontana Group, Inc. Mathtech staff have also testified as experts in economics, statistics, labor markets, computers, and other subjects in numerous proceedings.

Discovery Assistance

Discovery is critical in any litigation.  It is especially so when only one party, such as an auto manufacturer, possesses the data necessary for analysis.

  • We are very adept at assisting attorneys with discovery requests:
  • What specific data are relevant and appropriate?  Why are they needed?
  • What is the proper way to ask for data?
  • How much data is really necessary?
  • What are the consequences of not getting the data from the manufacturer?

The Fontana Group has extensive experience in providing discovery assistance to law firms in and out of the automotive industry.

Deposition and Trial Preparation

Proper examination of an expert requires extensive preparation. Understanding technical opinions is just the beginning. Breaking down expert analysis into its small parts uncovers the basic assumptions and calculations underlying the opinions and exposes them to scrutiny.

The Fontana Group thoroughly reviews the reports and analyses of opposing experts and can provide many levels assistance with those experts’ depositions and/or trial examination:

  • Are the calculations correct?
  • What are the implications of the analyses?
  • What are the critical questions to ask?

Data Management and Analysis

We have extensive experience working with data files, including those of enormous proportion, in an efficient and careful manner.  Data are often provided in a raw format that requires a great deal of organization to become usable, and we are experts at managing data in a manner that allows for quick and accurate analyses.

Class Action Damages

We are very familiar with the organization and management required of an expert in class action cases with large numbers of clients.  Depending on the needs of the case, we have performed analyses examining the situation on the whole while in other instances we have performed individual analyses for each client.  We can also track and appropriately allocate our fees among clients if requested.

Statistical and Economic Analysis

Many occasions require detailed statistical and economic analyses, areas in which we are very experienced and well qualified.  We have conducted numerous complex analyses, sometimes involving dozens or even hundreds of different variables, and are experts at presenting them to judges and juries in a clear and understandable way.

Exhibit Preparation

We recognize the importance of having clear and comprehensible exhibits to present at trial.  We strive to illustrate even the most complicated analyses in a manner that allows for understanding by judges and juries alike.  We can also assist counsel with illustrative exhibits for their own presentations.

Standing Analysis

There are certain occasions when it is unclear whether or not a client has standing to file a protest or lawsuit.  As we are familiar with the various state laws in the auto industry, we can obtain the necessary data and conduct an accurate and efficient analysis to make the determination.

White Papers

The Fontana Group, Inc. has written a variety of white papers on subjects in the automotive industry as well as various topics that would be of use in an economic analysis.  These include papers on the theory of sales performance measurement, customer satisfaction evaluation, and the economics of dealership service.  Even without our involvement as an expert witness in a case, any of these can be purchased for use in industry study, consultation, or litigation. Read more>